A Gift From Food Should Taste Good

Few days ago I received a box full of goodies from Food Should Taste Good. At first I did not mind it because I am busy with other things especially mt kids likes to visit the park or any place that kids can play. I thought its only the products that they sent me but they also include a gift that really surprised me. Below is the picture of all the stuffs inside the box. I got a flavor bars for the recipe that they sent me, a holiday card, recipes/cards, set of kitchen stuffs, and a chopping board. I […]

$150 Cash Drawing Giveaway – Paypal

Guys I wanted to invite you to join this giveaway that you can win $150 cash going to your paypal. This kind of amount you can buy different stuffs. I am sure you will like to win so enter now and there are only few that you are going to do to qualify. Tell your friends also who knows who will win the $150. Good Luck everyone and this giveaway will end if we reach 4000 entries. See you. Buffer

Long Cotton Voile Floral Shawl Scarf Wrap

  One of the items that will come very soon is the one pictured above. They are a long cotton voile floral shawl scarf wrap. This kind of scarf is really awesome to have and use it this cold season. I have some people ordered it but I have some more extras when it comes. The blue ones are more extra than the other scarf. I sell it for $5.75 each and hoping to have them soon. I will ask the seller what is the tentative date to receive the items. Anyway, you can contact or wait for them since […]

Amazing Korean TV Drama At Dramafever

Are you one of those people who like Korean shows? Well, you are not alone because I am one of them also. I have been watching Korean shows few years ago and few friends of mine referred me to watch at Dramafever. There are amazing Korean drama at dramafever and that is why I joined the site and become a premium member. Once you are a premium member then you will watch your favorite Korean drama without any advertisements that pop up every now and then. Now lets talk about what Korean dramas. I started loving to watch Korean drama […]

Blog Problem

A couple of days ago I have too many problems of my blog. I actually lost money because I have task from my advertisers that expired because I cannot post in my blog since the hosting have a problem. For that reason I am thinking this 2014 that I will have my own hosting and put some of my blogs to that. One of  my friends online told me that I will not put all my blogs in one hosting because if something went wrong my blogs will be affected. Blog problem occurs when a hosting provider have some issues. […]

Hot Oval Cut Amethyst Jewelry Silver Ring Size 9

  Do you like to buy jewelries? Well, I got a deal last week and I bought a few rings that I resell it online. This are really pretty and too bad only one size. The hot oval cut amethyst jewelry silver ring size 9 is really a remarkable ring. According to what I learn the material use for the ring is silver plated with white gold and its stamped. The stone size is 6x4mm and 7x5mm. The quantity of the stone in this ring is 13 pcs and the stone is amethyst. There are a couple of people wanted […]

Women’s Fashion Handbag

  Last black Friday I tried to look for clearance sale online and I found this Women’s fashion handbag for a very low price. I already saw this one before black Friday but the seller posted it low price around black Friday. I always like fashion handbags. I already purchase it and hoping to receive before Christmas at least the one who wanted to have it will receive it too quick. This women’s fashion handbag is a great one to give as a Christmas gift. I only bought it on sale so I sell it low price also. There are […]

Needs To Clean The Carpet

If you have two young kids in the house most of the time you have the problem in your carpet. They always spell food, juice, water, and other stuffs that they got. I am always thinking of how I will going to clean it properly since they look really terrible that I even told my husband that we will change it to wood so that its easy for me to clean specially I 5 rooms to clean. I heard about the harrisburg nc carpet cleaning service that is awesome to let them clean my carpet but I need to make […]

Selling Jewelries

Yesterday I am trying my best to make more jewelries and sell it online. I also sell the ready made jewelries that I bought online. There are already sells and I am happy for it. One of my handmade lattice bracelet already sold and hoping to have more sells soon. I still have things to make and sell here online but I cannot keep up. I have my private group in facebook and already have more than 200 members but not all buy it. I am hoping to buy more stuffs to sell soon. Anyway, have a great day to […]

Preparing For A Cozy Winter

Among the seasons, I love winter the most. I had fond memories related to it since I was a child, and I will never tire of it. I used to build a snowman and have a snowball throwing contest with my friends. Sadly, when I reached middle age, my body does not seem to agree with my love for winter. My feet get cold faster than you can say freezing, and I get cough and colds because of it. This year, my husband gave me a little surprise. Apparently, he bought foot warmers, and other cool stuff from http://cozywinters.com/ that […]

Review Coming Soon

It has been more than a week that I need to review a product that I received. I have many things to tell about the product and even my husband who used it very much like it.. So guys set back and will have some more post in here very soon. I am still in a busy mood and also got sick. Anyway, thank you for being my valued visitor. Have a wonderful day to all. Buffer