Genn’s Jewels And More

Christmas is coming and lots of people are busy with a lot of things. Some are already preparing their gifts to their family and friends some are just saving up for the holidays. For me I am trying to sell supplies and handmade to my stores online to prepare also for holidays. Genn’s Jewels and more is a store where I sell my handmade items but not all jewelries but also greeting cards, key chains, home decor and more. Above is just the sample of my handmade snowflake christmas ornaments. I made a few of them and will be live […]

Top Five Unexpected Cameo Appearances in TV and Movies

Cameo appearances can be unique and ironic depending on the circumstances. Most people think of a cameo in a movie or television show as a brief opportunity to feature a famous actor, but a number of notable individuals from other fields have also made short appearances in various productions. Some of these have been really unexpected. 1) Stan Lee has made numerous appearances on both the small screen as well in major motion pictures. He has appeared in a number of different productions based on various Marvel comics. Despite the fact that many fans know him for his appearances in […]

Flowers Are A Beautiful Gift

Many women loves to receive flowers even in daily basis but there are also women that do not like to receive flowers just like me. I rather want to receive crafty stuff than flowers :).  Big holiday is coming besides Thanksgiving but there is Christmas that people love to celebrate including myself. I always love Christmas and it feels like I am happy and jolly. Well, There many places you can buy flowers either local if you send someone locally, then there is nationwide coverage ones and international. I remember one of my roommate in college she received a bunch […]

Everyday Is Christmas

Do you have a feeling that everyday is a Christmas day? Well, for me it feels like it. Since I joined as a product reviewer everyday seems like Christmas because I receive packages almost everyday. It is nice to open your door then you see different packages. My mailman maybe thinks I am a shopping addict person and I believe so but I did not pay big bucks for them or most of them are free. The tablet above is one of those I review. Anyway, got more today. Buffer

Beautiful Honey And Beau Dresses

Do you know of someone who has a walking closet or one room closet? Well, when I was working long time ago I was amazed of my lady boos closet. She told me to choose a dress for her to wear for a ballroom dancing. She loves black and sexy dress so I choose it. Its not the beauty of the dresses I am amazed but the size of the closet she have. Imagine she has a walking closet meaning its a size of a huge room that full of clothes, shoes, jewelries, and other stuff for her. When it […]

Product Reviews

I have been busy lately trying to advertise my product that I sell online. I dont know why but the sales this month is really pitiful. Last year was more than this year we will see next month since its November a month before the big holiday of the year. Well, besides of selling online I also doing product review I have some pending but I did not forget it. Someone told me that you can be an amazon reviewer either you get the product for free or discounted price. I joined the Amazon Review Trader and so far I […]

What does “down fill power” refer to?

One of the things that you’ll notice on some of the best winter jackets is a “down fill power” rating. No, this is not an indication that the jacket has some sort of super powers. Down fill power refers to the loft, or “fluffiness” of the feathers used to fill the jacket. It is also an indication of the insulating power of the jacket, or how warm it is. The higher the fill power, the more insulating the jacket is because it will have more air pockets in between the feathers in the down. Fill power is also a measure of the […]