Great Finds Sunday

Great Finds Sunday

Today is another Great Finds Sunday and time to share the things that we find in a clearance sale, yard sale, thrifty store, and flea markets. I know there are many things we bought that save us money. Today I wanted to share a black boots that I bought few weeks ago. It was bought from thrifty store and paid only $4.99 for it. The boots will be used soon since the cold days will be here. So at this time I have 3 pairs of boots all black and some other shoes that i have. All of them are bought very cheap but the quality is really great. If you have something to share join our Great Finds Sunday meme. Have a wonderful week to all.

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7 Responses to “Great Finds Sunday”

  1. Mommy Dharlz says:

    wow.. buti ka pa mommy.. Ako, kahit may gusto akong bilhin sa na mura na, di pwede.. hehehe.. Anyway, we do have some great finds din here in Pinas.. you know na, the ukay stores have plenty of them.. hehehe

  2. […] The right pant is size ten(10) which will fit to my son. I know that size 12 is a bit big on him. I cannot pass that sizes for the pants. I am sure that my son can wear the other pants in a year. I like these khaki pants because my son will look likes a little man. Do you find lately? You should join in Great Finds Sunday. […]

  3. What a wonderful finds on the boots Momi Genny 🙂 You will surely need those very soon. Thank you for hosting Great Finds Sunday

  4. LOURDES says:

    They look really sturdy and durable.

  5. dorry lyn says:

    will join this coming sunday sis.. i have great finds and want to share with it

  6. zoan says:

    i so like to buy boots pero wala pa akong extra cash for boots hehehe

  7. zoan says:

    gusto ko sumali sa great finds sunday na meme, pero mapipilitan akong mag shopping lol

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