Great Finds Sunday – Necklace And Earrings Set

Here we are again guys for another week of “Great Find Sunday” where you can share those stuffs that you bought either on sale, clearance sale, thrifty store or in garage sale. Today I want to share the gemstone necklace and earrings set. There are 7 sets of earrings with just one necklace. As you can see the seven colors of the earrings are just same in the necklace and I like them. I never wear those jewelries just collecting…What are your finds for today?

Great Finds Sunday

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11 Responses to “Great Finds Sunday – Necklace And Earrings Set”

  1. byotipol says:

    love love love the color of the set. daghana sa earrings oi.. lugwa cguro ako mata if ako nakapalit ani mabuhong ko ug sul ob hehehe…

  2. Chie says:

    These are beautiful and colorful..very summery ang color.

  3. LOURDES says:

    What a beautiful set. I love accessories and actually have a collection of earrings and bangles.

  4. Rovie says:

    Looks so gorgeous!

    Bagay pang summer paired with a summer dress Mommy Gen!

  5. woow.. this is cool! love the set of jewelry here! <3
    the colors are lovely.. 😀

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  7. These necklace and earring sets are so cute and colorful Momi Genny 🙂 My K will love them 🙂 Dropping by from Great Finds Sunday 🙂

  8. Tess says:

    I like the set of jewelries you got. I am a fan of garage sale too. I can find stuff at a very cheap price.

  9. Bless says:

    Very colorful necklace and it’s really cool that you can wear different colors of earrings with just one necklace and still it will match 🙂

  10. chrisair says:

    this is perfect for colorful outfit going to church or just simply malling with a style

  11. zoan says:

    wow ang ganda at colorful pa, bawat earrings ma i ma match mo sa color ng dress mo mommy

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