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6 Ways to Protect Your Children From Predators Online

The Internet provides information, entertainment, and even social opportunities for your kids. But it also can be a dangerous place. Child predators feel at home behind its shield of anonymity, and with just a few clicks, they can get easy access to your child’s personal world. So as parents, it’s more important than ever to protect your children while they explore the good things the Internet has to offer. Here are 6 ways to do that.

6. Place the Computer in a Visible Place

Child at computer.

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Place the computer in the living room, family area, or any place in the home where you have a clear line of sight to what’s on the screen and can easily supervise. You shouldn’t make your child feel like you are breathing down their neck, but this will give you an opportunity to see what they are viewing online. It also gives you the ability to quickly intervene should they happen to visit a dangerous site.

5. Set Boundaries for Internet Use

Create a set of rules for Internet use in your home. For instance, your child can only use the Internet during certain time frames, (preferably when an adult is home). This discourages your child from visiting sites you don’t approve of, because someone will be there to supervise.

4. Be Your Own Chat Room Monitor

Online chat rooms are fun and easy to use. But chat rooms also are the ideal way for child predators to contact children. Keep younger children away from chat rooms completely, because they’re simply too dangerous. Set clear rules for chat room use with older children.

Only allow access to monitored chat rooms and do not allow children to accept invitations for private chats. Also, make sure your kids understand and recognize inappropriate conversation topics.

3. Start Your Own Online Chat

Talk to kids often about the Internet’s advantages and dangers. Start a conversation about what they’re doing online, the sites they visit, and what they do there. Get involved if possible. This opens lines of communication, and keeps you informed along with fostering a better understanding of good internet use.

2. Monitor Social Networking

Online predators contact kids by ‘friending’ them on social media sites. So limit your child’s exposure to social media, until they completely understand the impact of what they post. This also prevents them from making potentially harmful posts that could affect their reputation in the future. Michael Fertik, CEO of, suggests most even adults don’t understand how social media posts affect them. So, read up on it yourself to gain a solid understanding, if you are unsure.

1. Install Parental Controls

Many adult sites host forums and chat rooms where predators lurk. Parental control software prohibits websites with adult content, pornography, or any explicit content. It also allows you to block other sites you consider unfit. So your kids can’t visit these sites when you aren’t available to supervise.

Newer Windows operating systems like Windows Vista (and higher) have similar family settings already built-in. The latest Mac OSes have similar controls as well.

It’s an unavoidable fact that the Internet plays a big part in your child’s life today, and it will be more important in the future. Follow these precautions and you’ll help them build a solid foundation for safer Internet use.


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Teaching your children about safe browsing


The Internet is undeniably a great and revolutionary invention. We have an almost unlimited information base at our fingertips. Information is freely and easily accessible and this is one of the internet’s best features.

Anyone can surf or roam the Internet freely but younger Internet users may find themselves stumbling upon or accessing dangerous or inappropriate material and be unsure of how to approach this safely.

It is important that parents teach their children about safe internet browsing. The Internet can have a very positive impact on a child’s life and can help them to learn and develop new skills but only if it is used in a safe and responsible manner.


It is always a good idea to make sure that your child is keeping their password a secret. Many people will be accessing sites that require usernames and passwords and kids should be made aware of the dos and don’ts of passwords and usernames.

Make sure that they are aware that they should never reveal their password to anyone else. Recorded passwords should always be protected too. Sometimes people receive password requests via email and children using the internet should be told that must never reply to an email that requests their password or username.

Children should also never type their password on public computers that they do not have control over. Internet criminals can log into public computers and gain access to information that has been typed onto it so it’s important kids are aware of the risks.

Social networking

It is also a good idea to ensure that your kids use social networking sites in the correct way to make sure that they are safe. Make sure that your children abide to the age restrictions imposed by some social networking sites; after all they are there for a reason.

Make sure that your children never give out their full name whilst using social networking sites either and help them adjust their privacy settings so that sensitive information is kept safe.

Control access

Chances are your kids will be accessing the Internet from home so make sure you’re broadband service offers you the control you need. Many providers offer parental controls so you can block certain websites or restrict access at certain times of the day and Virgin Media fibre optic broadband is a great option.

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Instagram Allows Businesses to Increase Interest in Products or Services



There are several tools on the market meant to help a business ensure they have success in the current market. One of these is the use of Instagram. Instagram is a newer application, which can be downloaded onto smart phones and other similar devices that allow a person to take pictures with their enabled phone and immediately post these onto their social media site. It is revolutionizing the way in which businesses can reach out to potential customers and can also be a great way to connect with current customers they have.

How This Helps

Consider the way in which a business normally gets the word out about new products or services. This is usually done in a press release or something along this lines. It means devoting tons of time to ensure the article or press release is worded correctly and does entice interest. It can be a long process and is something, which can go either way when the person is performing these. With this being said, the pictures taken with Instagram can be something that issue a better message than any article or written document can do. There are those who buy Instagram followers, which does allow for a business to start off on the right foot when going with this.

The pictures taken through Instagram can also be helpful in ranking the business with search engines. The picture can have a tag on it that contains certain keywords people would search in order to find the business or the image in which they are showing to the world. In terms of SEO purposes, Instagram can make this something easy to do and will deliver fast results.

Should you use this?

The main question most businesses have is whether or not they should use this program or not for their business. The answer is most definitely yes when considering whether Instagram is a good marketing tool or not for your business. This can help the business out tremendously and give the business the competitive edge needed in order to succeed in the market. Since Instagram does not require a fee to use this, it means a business can succeed with their marketing plan with very little money, which makes it a winning situation for any business to find themselves in.

Since the use of Instagram is so easy, there are several people who can use this with little to no training on how they can use this. In addition, they will find this can be done in a short amount of time when compared to other marketing methods, which can be used. With this being said, the person will find they can start doing this immediately with different products they have and ensuring this picture is going to give all the information needed for a consumer to make a decision on whether this is the product for them or not.

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Online Trading

Were you able to watch Pursuit of Happyness? It is a 2006 real-life drama movie of Chris Gardner, played by Will Smith, together with his son, Jaden. The story is about the struggle of a family man on how to raise his child with all the obstacles going on his way.

The story shows Will as a hard working salesman. However, after he invest on an apparatus that did not sell and cause him to lose money. His wife leaves him and his son and move to another town. Striving alone, he met a Stock Trading manager and was impressed by him (when he solve a Rubik’s Cube) and gave him a chance to work as a Stock Broker. From this he was able to learn on how stock market and online trading works. From this on, the story progresses on how he strives and become one of the successful stockbroker in the state. At the end of the movie, it shows the real Chris Gardner, the CEO and founder of Gardner Rich & Co.

The movie taught me that I could be successful even if I face many difficulties right now. I’m really happy that I did not experience how to be a homeless person. One part of the movie shows how Will and his son would sleep in a public bathroom. It’s really hard to be a homeless person especially if you are in the US. Since my uncle, who is now living in San Francisco, is already on his retirement years, I told him that he should be getting IRA Accounts for him and his wife. This would help him become secure with the future since my cousins already have their own lives.

Unbelievable fair food

Guest post written by Archie Hamburg

My grandkids always want me to take them to the state fair and I actually do love taking them to it. See, I used to work in livestock before I retired and so when I take them to see all the livestock exhibits I explain all of it to them, which they think is really neat.

This year, I went ahead and bought us some tickets on my clear internet for the state fair as soon as I figured out the date that me and my daughter was going to take them to it. When I looked up information about it online I also found some stuff about all the different exhibits, which helped me figure out exactly what I wanted to take them to see instead of wasting time when we got there wandering around trying to find the right stuff.

They loved the fair again this year and as soon as we got their my 12 year old grandson Luke said that he wanted to try some deep fried butter that his friends had been talking about they had had at school. Well he tried it and it looked pretty nasty.

No Internet!!!!!

Since yesterday before lunch my internet connection was gone. I tried to do things occupying my time for the day. Cleaning, do some laundry and making Christmas cards. Hubby called the internet company why we do not have internet so they send a technician today and told us that we are not the only one have same problem. Our line in our street is not good and they are working on it. I just have the internet but it is very slow. Sometimes it fail to download the images of the site. i hope they will fix it today. Thanks for dropping by…TC

I Lost An Internet Connection

Yesterday afternoon while watching a movie with my son the power went off and the computer did not recover from it. I turn on the cable of the internet but it seems i cannot fix it. I called hubby how to do the fixing but he told me that he will be the one who will look at it and investigates what really happened. I am bored and trying to make some blog layouts that my friends ordered. I finished some but I cannot install it to their blog because I do not have the internet connection. I did not even finished my EC dropping and I really apologize for that. You do not know what is beyond so i am not prepared for not having an internet connection. Anyway the connection came back when hubby fix it last night. I slept again late just to finish my unfinished business online.(wink) It looks like there are a lots of participants already in the contest. Thanks guys for participating and I am looking forward for more entries. Thank you very much and God bless everyone.