5 Collectibles That Make Good Investments

If you collect something, you might already have an excellent investment opportunity on your hands. Some collectible items, such as Precious Moments figurines or boats-in-bottles, aren’t necessarily valuable, although they’re emotionally worthwhile. However, quite a few collectible items are potential moneymakers.

Keep the Change: Collecting Coins

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Image via Flickr by Alice Chaos

Collecting coins has always been extremely valuable. People collect all kinds of coins, from extremely old pieces to misprinted anomalies. While some people collect coins from, say, 1900 strictly for enjoyment, others find items that bring in serious money. The best thing to do is take your collection to an expert in Numismatics to see if you do have some valuable pieces. It’s better to ask a professional what they’re worth, rather than relying on someone who works in a pawn shop.

Lick It and Stick It: Stamp Collections

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Stamp collecting is a tricky business but it can definitely pay off if you’re careful. To be valuable, a stamp has to meet certain guidelines. For instance, it can’t have even a trace of a postmark. It also has to somehow be rare; every day stamps simply aren’t worth much, beyond a collector’s standpoint. If you already collect stamps, you know it’s important to have a dealer with a great reputation. New collectors need to find a good dealer, research what’s valuable, and let that person go over the collection.

Hit a Homer: Baseball Card Collections

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Truthfully, any kind of rare sports memorabilia is valuable. However,collecting baseball cards is as popular a pastime as watching baseball games. Because a lot of baseball cards are mass-produced, it takes something special to qualify as an investment. Take a look at Fisher Investments YouTube Channel for some sound advice, talk to people with similar collections, and this time feel free to head to a pawn shop or memorabilia store. It won’t hurt to join a group of avid collectors either, which also gives you the opportunity to trade. Remember that autographed cards by big names are huge.

Artistic Avengers: Comic Books

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Comic books are really getting big in the world of collectibles. However, you must have very old books and special editions. Think about collecting one comic series from start to finish, or create a collection of early issues. The older they are, the more they’re worth, with the exception of those really
special editions. They have to stay in pristine condition as well. You can head to a comic book store to get the best opinion on the value of your collection. You might have a fortune without even realizing it.

Gas It Up: Motorcycles and Classic Cars

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Image via Flickr by Martin Pettitt

Motorcycles and classic cars are always fantastic investments. They’re pricey to acquire, although if you’re working on them yourself, you can definitely save on costs. Before you try to get full value, know the people to whom you’re selling. Do they want a full-out collector’s item or do they want to ride or drive the machine as well? Steer clear of the “classic” classics. Lesser-known models and makes are the big sellers.

Don’t you want to go scour your attic and see what’s hiding up there? The question is would you ever consider selling a beloved collection?







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