How to Pack a Lighter Suitcase

  Whether you are planning on going on a week long beach vacation, traveling on a cruise ship or spending a month on an African safari, the hardest part about planning that trip is packing so that your suitcase meets the weight requirements of the airline and doesn’t break your back when you lift it. These tips can help you reduce the weight of your suitcase and make it easier to manage as you travel. Heavy Items in the Bottom One tip learned from flight attendants is to place heavier items on the end of the suitcase where the wheels […]

Gen Supplies In Zibbet

Business online have ups and downs just like in stores. I used to sell tons of stuff everyday but am not sure what happened seems slowing tremendously hurting my store. I sell in facebook and even have my own groups and have some local customers. I did not really set up first a store that the same price as my facebook but luckily a couple of my customers inspired me to do so. To start it I set up it in Zibbet its a small community where you can sell your stuff. Gen Supplies and More offers different items like […]

Prince Lion Heart Balance Bike

  Kids always love to play they even get hurt but they doesn’t mind that because in their mind playing is fun. I asked my 4 years old about stop playing because he already have bruises but he just simply said its fun I like to have fun. Well, you cannot say no and if you did then they will cry. I received the Prince Lion Heart Balance Bike to review it and what I can say about the bike. My 2 boys love them they always use it and have fun riding the bike. The bike itself was built […]

I am Back

Its been a long since I did not really blog its because I am busy with my small store online. Almost 24 hours looking at the computer trying hard to find places to sell my stuff. Its been hard but I did it and doing great with God’s help. I have some struggles while maintaining my small business hoping it will grow more. So far its been good but you know sometimes you just accept that its really slowing. How are you my dear readers. I know you are still visiting my blog and I am thankful for that. The […]

Tips on How to Take the Perfect Picture

Everyone loves to take pictures. It’s a fantastic way to remember happy memories and share them with others. While very few people can call themselves professional photographers like Robert Rosenkranz, there are a few tips that the average Joe can keep in mind to make his pictures look professional. Direct Eye Contact Behind the lens of a camera, sometimes people can forget that pictures are supposed to be personal. When you make direct eye contact with someone during normal conversation, the conversation can become more engaging. The same can be said for taking pictures with a camera. Make sure that […]

Free Red Lobster Coupon

  Hello guys I found a great coupon for you specially if you like this restaurant Red Lobster. I was just browsing at Steve show and there is a coupon that you can print. I never been to this type of restaurant before maybe will try. This redeemable coupon will expire till January 20 so hurry use it. You can get the coupon by clicking the image above and you will be redirected to the site. Just print the coupon after you go to the site. Have a happy visit of that restaurant and enjoy eating. Buffer