Tips on How to Take the Perfect Picture

Everyone loves to take pictures. It’s a fantastic way to remember happy memories and share them with others. While very few people can call themselves professional photographers like Robert Rosenkranz, there are a few tips that the average Joe can keep in mind to make his pictures look professional. Direct Eye Contact Behind the lens of a camera, sometimes people can forget that pictures are supposed to be personal. When you make direct eye contact with someone during normal conversation, the conversation can become more engaging. The same can be said for taking pictures with a camera. Make sure that […]

Free Red Lobster Coupon

  Hello guys I found a great coupon for you specially if you like this restaurant Red Lobster. I was just browsing at Steve show and there is a coupon that you can print. I never been to this type of restaurant before maybe will try. This redeemable coupon will expire till January 20 so hurry use it. You can get the coupon by clicking the image above and you will be redirected to the site. Just print the coupon after you go to the site. Have a happy visit of that restaurant and enjoy eating. Buffer

The Journey Of Life

Today i wanted to share this poem that I created when I was in college. I composed this while Ii am inside of a classroom thinking of the future. Life was very tough when I was in college but everything is fine now and there is a reason for everything. I looked back those years where you just cry when you have problems and nobody can help you. I hope you like it and what do you think? Have a wonderful day….   The Journey Of Life By: Genny K Life is full of surprises, Full of mysterious things, That sometimes we all questions. But […]

Inspirational Message For Today

“The Lord is close to everyone who prays to him, to all who truly pray to him.” Psalm 145:18 Healing begins when we do something. Healing begins when we reach out. Healing starts when we take a step. God’s help is near and always suitable, but it is only given to those who see it. Nothing results from apathy. God honors radical, risk-taking faith When arks are built, lives are saved. When soldiers march, Jericho tumble. When staffs are raised, seas still open. When lunch is shared, thousands are fed. And when a garment is touched–whether by the hand of […]

Give Your Trash New Life with Mess-Free Composting

While composting makes a lot of sense for the planet, each family may find it prohibitive because of the odor, unsightliness, and general mess it leaves in one’s yard. However, today there are high-tech solutions for would-be do-gooders who hope to reduce their footprint on Earth. NatureMill’s Metro PRICE: $300 Via For those who live in compact city housing there is a composting solution that makes a lot of sense. Odorless and small, this green machine creates a compost that is virtually unnoticeable and totally efficient with energy. In just a few weeks your banana peels, coffee grounds, loose […]

Godaddy Coupon Code

I am back and I bring you a great coupon code that you can use to buy your own domain name. It has been long since I stop updating this blog I even want to stop blogging but I realize I need to blog specially I have an online business that needs exposure.  I will going also to do product reviews. I still have some reviews to be made that never posted in here so I will start that soon. Anyway, here are the godaddy coupon codes that i use for buying a new domain for my store online. This is […]