How to Find the Right Toronto Engagement Ring Supplier

Getting married is a very exciting and pleasurable experience. Making sure that all of the bases are covered when it comes to a wedding can be a lot easier said than done. There are a number of things that have to be considered before getting married and among the most important is the engagement ring that will be used. For most people, getting unique non traditional engagement rings is a top concern. Finding the right jewelers in the area that can provide these types of rings will take a bit of time and effort. Here are a few things to […]

Floating Memory Lockets | Living Lockets

Do you know that you can give a gift less than $15 to someone? The locket above have two uses first you can turn this locket into a brooch just unattached the clip or clasp from the butterfly. Then second you can have it like a necklace. There is a plate that fits that brooch locket. I have many to choose for in my shop you just need to click the picture. Also guys I have bracelets and even ring. I used to have earring locket but I am out for now. Christmas is coming and this is a perfect […]

Chinese Design Graduates Showcase 3D-Printed Fashion in Runway Show

At Nanjing University of the Arts in China, 3D printing has taken off as a medium for eccentric and futuristic fashion. Nanjing is one of the most prestigious design schools in the country, so students try to push the envelope with their creations. Currently, more than 2,100 design students are enrolled in the program, and 3D printing is a large part of the curriculum. This year, the graduating class hosted its own printed fashion show to showcase the rising technology, with the overarching theme of “Exploring the Secret.” 42 students created 150 unique outfits and accessories for the show, which […]

Handmade Key Chains

  Handmade key chains are very cute to give as a gift to someone. It can be customize to your liking and I will put it all together. I have been making this key chains because someone bought all that I make last few weeks. At first I am hesitant to make them again since I did not sold it in my etsy store but when someone saw it in my group in facebook she ask me if she can buy all that is ready to ship. When she received the key chains she was thankful and want me to […]

Find the Blade to Make Your Connection Complete

If you are a knife enthusiast, you know that there’s nothing like the thrill of finding a new blade and handle combination that is different from everything else in your collection. is here for you with a comprehensive selection of knives to help you complete your own repertoire of knives. Whether you are looking for switchblades knives, daggers, folding knives, spring-assisted knives, or out-the-front knives, is your definitive source for blades. The Perfect Place to Start When knives snag your attention, will be only to happy to assist you in getting started on the path to collecting. […]

Business Online – Home Based

As a mother of two I always a homemaker and never experienced working outside our home. I have few opportunities asking me to work but I realized being a homemaker is also a rewarding thing and besides I also earn some money. I remembered few years back I am not really focusing in selling online but when I saw people doing it then I got courage to go on. Business online so far is good but sometimes its not great. I have two stores in etsy but sometimes I dont have sales. So I figured selling on Facebook will help […]

How to Pack a Lighter Suitcase

  Whether you are planning on going on a week long beach vacation, traveling on a cruise ship or spending a month on an African safari, the hardest part about planning that trip is packing so that your suitcase meets the weight requirements of the airline and doesn’t break your back when you lift it. These tips can help you reduce the weight of your suitcase and make it easier to manage as you travel. Heavy Items in the Bottom One tip learned from flight attendants is to place heavier items on the end of the suitcase where the wheels […]