A Safe Trampoline is the only Trampoline for your Family

In 2013, ABC News reported that trampoline accidents send 98,000 kids to the hospital each and every year. The same report states that the American Academy of Pediatrics has been discouraging their use since 1977. One reason for these injuries may be the placement of the hardware of the trampoline, itself. Exposed hardware could cause children to become entangled and suffer injury that they wouldn’t otherwise, and insurance companies insist that any trampoline your child jumps on is utilizing proper padding and covers for the springs and metal bars. This is why one New Zealand father and mechanical engineer decided […]

Hiatus Again But Still Alive

I have been hiatus of posting here in my blog but I am still here kicking and alive. I am pregnant and will have a baby very soon that is why I am hiatus and also I have a small business that i taking care of. How are you my dear readers? I hope that you still reading the content of this blog since you can get some information that might be helpful to you. I have lots of old post that will help you understand certain things. I sell jewelry supplies on Facebook and etsy so sometimes I am […]

Create Healthy and Simple Bento Box Lunches

A healthy school for your child sounds simple to make, but it can easily put you in a meal rut. After a while, you may rely on the same combination of fruits, vegetables to serve your child, which can bore the taste buds of your child. After all, wouldn’t you get tired of eating blueberries every day for lunch, even though they are healthy for you? Likewise, your child may feel that way about eating the same thing every day, even when it’s healthy. Well, there’s a way to spice up your child’s lunch menu without putting in too much […]

Unlocked Phones 5.5″ Anroid 5.1 Dual SIM

Cellphones are very popular nowadays and there are many types of phones that you can find everywhere you go. I remember my first cellphone was a huge one and not handy since its a little heavy. But now most of the phones are thin and light weight. I saw different brands of phones but since am picky person I end up bored quick of using it. Anyway, I am here today to let you know that I found a cellphone that I can use in US and also in other country like the country where I came from Philippines. I […]

Understanding the Knowledge of Obesity Through the Ages

The link between health and diet were first properly acknowledged around the 17th century. At this time, various studies were being conducted that looked into whether it was dangerous to be corpulent. It was in 1650 that the term ‘obesity’ was first used, by Dr Tobias Venner, British physician and medical writer. However, it wasn’t until the industrial revolution in the 19th century that obesity started to become a real problem for England. It was at this time that food became truly plentiful and that people became more sedentary. Suddenly, the middle and upper classes started to get obese. While obesity became more of a public issue […]

Are You Looking To Share Your Jewelry Tips Video On Your Friend’s Smartphone?

Jewelries are a must-have for every woman out there- irrespective of her style statement or attire. These accessories are sometimes required to liven up your entire look while at times these are the most needed compliments for your beautiful dress. However, not every jewelry is suitable for every attire or occasion and hence one has to be careful about choosing the right kind of jewelry. For example, the very trendy own chunky necklace won’t go with your gown while a gaudy pearl necklace won’t complement your black leather jacket. Are you a jewelry pro who is often asked by friends […]

LG Optimus Exceed 2 (Verizon Prepaid)

Dont you know that you can buy this LG Optimus Exceed 2 its a verizon prepaid for only $14.99? The original price is $129.99 but its on sale for cyber Monday it saves you $115 thats 88% off from the original price. You will not find that cheap anywhere but in Amazon so guys click the picture and you will see the deal…I already bought one for myself. This is a great gift to your family member or for a friend. But for a minute I remember that a friend of mine mention about buying a cellphone so I just […]